The Pika Alarm is composed of an audio-rigged sculpture, informational postcards and this website.

Currently the project is being exhibtied as part of "Feeling the Heat  Art, Science and Climate Change" at Deutsche Bank 60 Wall St, Gallery in New York City.

The project was written about in the June/July 2008 Art in America article, "Global Warnings" by Suzaan Boetger.

The Pika Alarm was originally created for the exhibition,"Weather Report: Art & Climate Change" curated by Lucy R. Lippard, and presented in collaboration with Ecoarts. Images of the project can be seen here.

The exhibition was originally shown at The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
and selected sites in Boulder, CO, from September 14 - December 21, 2007.

The Pika Alarm is a collaborative work by:

Brian D Collier - Project Organizer, Artist, Pika Enthusiast

Dr. Chris Ray - Project Collaborator, Scientific Advisor, Pika Specialist
The Bristlecone Institute for Ecological Research
Please visit the above site and get involved with pika research.

Dr. Shana Weber - Project Collaborator, Photographer, Pika Specialist

The pika photographs used on this site were taken by Shana Weber.